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How to Clean Wood: Easy Tips for Your Furniture to Glow

4 Tips for cleaning wooden furniture
Having the wooden furniture of your home in an impeccable state is something possible. You only have to follow the tricks that are proposed in this article and you will see how well they are left

Having wooden furniture in immaculate condition is not easy, far from it. But there are always homemade household tricks that you can facilitate this mission. You will not need anything weird for a correct and effective cleaning of furniture, simply elements that are usually in the cupboards of your home habitually. Do not forget to try these solutions and you will see how the state of the wood improves in your home. You only have to follow the steps that are proposed and execute them without fear.

How to Clean Wooden Furniture

Egg whites
Have you had too much wood from your furniture and want it to look like before? Try egg whites. Although it may seem a lie, you just have to beat clear to snow, add a spoonful of ammonia and then apply the mixture on the wood you want to restore. Then wipe with a dry cloth and you will see how it returns to that brightness that you already believed completely lost. It can be used for natural wood furniture since it will not give you any dye.
Lemon juice and olive oil
Another natural formula that you have to clean your wood furniture is to mix half a cup of lemon juice with half a cup of olive oil (or other vegetables). It may sound like salad dressing, but it will leave your wooden furniture with a unique sheen, plus it will help you polish them from imperfections. It is perfect for cleaning varnished wood.
Olive oil and alcohol
Do you need to know how to clean varnished wood furniture? You can mix olive oil (or other vegetable), with alcohol. The idea, in this case, is to recover the shine, but also, you can cover the stripes that have been generated in some wooden furniture that you have in your house. It can also be used to clean kitchen furniture.
Oil and red wine
Do you wonder how to clean dark wood furniture without making disasters? You can try to mix oil with a splash of red wine. This mixture is perfect to leave the wood furniture very shiny, especially the opaque ones. Then, when reviewing them, put some glycerin in the cloth: it will form a protective and shiny film that will look even better.

Different types of frocks designs

Plumbing pipe craft

Plumbing pipe craft
Before sending rubbish to landfill repair, carefully consider whether it is not useful in the economy. From plumbing pipes, for example, you can make a pretty similar to a bed ottoman bathroom.

It took us
  • plumbing pipe (diameter 10 cm, length 3 m)
  • gold acrylic paint
  • brushes (№ 8-10)
  • Water-based varnish
  • glue gun
  • 23 bath mat polyurethane foam (30×40 cm)
  • scissors

Pipe with a hacksaw cut into nine equal pieces of length 30-32 cm. 
Each piece of gold covered with several layers of acrylic paint (if paint is too thick, you can dilute it with water). In order that no streaks, brushing is necessary to conduct in the same direction over the entire length, giving each layer to dry for 15-20 minutes.

Paint fastened protective lacquer – then no water to our pufu not terrible

Paint fastened protective lacquer – then no water to our pufu not terrible

Paint fastened protective lacquer – then no water to our pufu not terrible

Tightly wrapped buds inserted into the pipe. It had to do with the effort, but no additional fixing is not needed. If the flower is not inserted, you can twist it again, more tightly.