Flowers made of cardboard

Who’s with me ?! 
Who would like such flowers do together!

Girls, I have a density cardboard 270gr. Others do not have, so I can not say how the other will behave paper density. Maybe better, maybe worse.

I have a cardboard mat. The crook does not break. 
Glossy in the crook breaks and in the context of his middle white. Roll twisted strips of 3mm. Cool and was trying to shut it midway flower and even a little more.

To select blue, glue tab on the blue cardboard and cut out. It turned out we have three layers. Those who have no skill with a knife, you can cut and small scissors.

A pen rests on top, a photo has to make one so I just put the pen to make it clear. The lower part of petal folded upwardly around the handle….. roll gives shape and smeared with glue.

Then, the upper part of petal and go around around the handle. Form at the petal-layer remains the kind you will attach. Roll has just such a form. According to him, I looked around and cut a circle (also cardboard) which will glue the petals.

Thus sticking.

That turned flower.

I recently came here so beautiful five colors. If you do not, you can wind the little rolls of strips of suitable color.

At the middle of a used yellow petals  Crooking their bottom. Since this flower I did the first, the thought of adding yellow came later. I have done the following – first gluing yellow petals. I think everyone is familiar, as a toothpick constantly rolls off the lid. Or take a toothpick, and she, along with a cover. I found a way out. In a traffic jam make two holes with a knife. In one I scroll toothpick with excess adhesive, if the first is filled with time the glue can be removed with tweezers or deepen knife.

Added two more….

My wish for you – that you will succeed.

Easy unique rangoli using simple tools

Easy unique rangoli using simple tools

Flowers from circles

First we need to prepare circles of paper (I did punch) and toned edges.

All circles folded in half.

Take a circle, the middle note on it and begin to gently stick our circles around, putting them into one another.

Slowly continue to be laid in a circle circles, focusing on the center.

A little patience and we get here is a “sun”. The more bubbles you use, the more magnificent flower!

To make the “blossoming” flower folded in half in the green circle insert “petals”.

Can be folded green circle four times and get a triangular “receptacle” where to insert “petals”, using different diameter circles.

Show imagination, you can get a variety of beautiful flowers, decorating them on your own!

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