How to make a mini vase from CD


Made a mini vase of cd/dvd discs for decorative purposes. Crafts from the discs are different, but today we do cd vase. This craft will be interesting to do with children, it’s very simple and fast.

To make a vase you will need:

• Cardboard sleeve from toilet paper;

• Acrylic paint;

• Acrylic lacquer;

• 16 DVD disks;

• Hot glue;

• Self-adhesive rhinestones.

How to make nameplate from waste cardboard


Handmade Nameplates are always easy to make. If you are using waste materials like cardboard and tissue papers then it is even easier. In this video we have made one such beautiful yet easy to make DIY Name plate craft that you can use as a DIY Wall Hanging to beautify your home. This can also be used as a DIY School craft project. Since the making of this nameplate craft is very easy kids can also make it in no time.