You must address the problem of dandruff early so the hair health is maintained. Dandruff has some side effects that are very bad for you.

Here are some of the side effects:
-Causes Acne
Dandruff can aggravate acne problem due to excess oils and debris of dry skin.
-Itchy Scalp
Scratching can aggravate your dandruff. It is best for you to consult a doctor if you can not deal with this problem at home.
-Acne at the Back
Dandruff can also cause the acne at the back due to debris falling from your hair at the back.
-Hair Loss
Indeed, dandruff is not a direct cause for hair loss, but dandruff can generate tremendous itching of the scalp, and itch this will cause your hair to fall out.
Dandruff can also be a cause for other health conditions such as Psoriasis. It is a skin problem such as the presence of red spots on the skin, but it also appears scaly scalp section.
-Eye Infection
Another problem that occurs because of dandruff is an eye infection. Blepharitis is a common eye infection that occurs as a result of dandruff.
-Oily Hair
The further side effects of dandruff is oily hair. Oily hair is another problem that arises due to dandruff. So, be sure to wash your hair regularly so as not oily, use an anti-dandruff shampoo that matches your scalp.

How to make indoor outdoor concrete lamp

this time it had to be easier to make, had to be larger, and with the option of placing it outdoors. After brainstorming here is the attempt of improvement.

What you will need
1. Led String Light
2. Felts Sheet
3. Cement 4. Large vase ( I used a 24in tall x 7in)
5. Drill bits
6. Random tree branch
7. Spray paint
9. Metal flashing
I took a piece of foam from a shipping package. Cut it to create a cylinder. I closed it by taping the side. then cut out a circle to close off one end. A paper cup would work as well.

I used a piece metal flashing to create the concrete form.
First I marked the metal flashing for the bottom of the form, I made this 5 inches tall. Next, I marked 2 inches above the first line. At this point, you will have two parallel line.
Now wrap the metal flashing around the vase. Close the flashing by taping the loose end. By the way, I’m using a large vase that’s 24 inches tall by 7 inches. You can find that at your local craft store.
Next, I took two 1 inch rubber seal and follow the line going around the interior. Following the line, I drew out. I did this twice which gave me a two-inch path around the interior of the flashing. This part will shrink the interior, which will make the concrete fit right over.

Take a piece of aluminum foil, place it down on a flat surface. Then I trace the vase and then the foam cup as shown. Use hot glue to secure the cup then the flashing to the marking.
Mix concrete and pour it in the form.
After a few days remove the flashing and rubber seal. The bottom was smooth so I only had to sand the top.

I took a tree branch and sprayed it with black paint. Allow enough time to dry. Depending on the size of tree branch you chose, use the appropriate size masonry bit. I use a 1/2 inch bit to drill down to the bottom into the foam cup. Test that everything fits nicely.

Drill a hole in the lower part of the concrete form for the power end to pass through. Next, use hot glue to hold the plug in place.
Pass the Led String light power end down through top then connect to the power cable.

Feed a few feet of the led into the vase. Then place the branch in the vase and feed more led as you proceed.
Now sit the vase on top of the concrete. I placed a felts pad on the bottom to protect any surface.

I love the way this lamp came out. The LED String Lights works extremely well. I was able to get this lamp to work approximately 50 feet away. Hope you have a blast when you make yours.

courtesy: instructables

How to make Wall Hanging from Old Bangles and Clothe

How to make Wall Hanging from Old Bangles and Clothe

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