For many years, I am a circle "Masterilka". With children 5-7 years doing various crafts. With the technique of " quilling ", of course, familiar to many. But it is no secret that corrugated cardboard is not cheap, we had to find a way out. And we found it! We do gofropoloski of conventional boxboard. We recently did with the guys next crafts - "cock."

  1. Cardboard boxes from
  2. Color corrugated cardboard
  3. Spray
  4. Acrylic paints
  5. PVA glue
  6. Ribbon length 35 cm.
  7. Eyes (pair).
  8. Deforestation flowers.
The first thing we need is a cardboard box from the usual (from equipment, household chemicals, furniture) and a spray bottle. With the spray damp one-way cardboard and wait 10 minutes.

Then, carefully remove the top layer of cardboard and leave until the next day to a well dried out

When cardboard dried out, you can start cutting strips. I do not have a special mat, which can be cut, so I adapted to the sheet of chipboard. Mark up with a ruler the width of the strips (1 cm). Substitute a metal ruler and cut off. Instead of a metal ruler my old piece of metal cornice. The blade from the knife should be changed frequently. Then at the edge of the strip will be smooth.

I cut the strips just a lot, and then do one of the craft. When the end, again to cut. To cock and sliced ​​strips of corrugated cardboard. You can use and boxboard, then just paint.

You can start ... lubricating strip with white glue. I plastered, just gently squeezing the glue on the strip. Babies difficult to control the pressing force, so I pour glue into the jars washed out of gouache and brush are smeared with glue strips.

Now you can twist. Twist a little wait. If the glue as I have in the previous photo, the wait long - he "grasped" very quickly. If an ordinary PVA glue ( "master", "building", ...), then you need to keep a little longer.

If you need a large amount of procurement, for example, we have the body cockerel, the top of the resulting preform screwed another strip, aligning the ends.

To twist the cockerel two circles, one larger and one smaller. And glue them together. The guys are glued on the oilcloth and allowed to dry completely before the next session. In the meantime, you can make other items.

For example, the beak. To do this, spread the adhesive strip and fold both ends to the middle.

Received such a beak ...

To take the tail colored corrugated strips:.. Three of 10 cm and 13 cm on the three first glue the "loop" short strips, and then on top of them long, and then get the double loops are glued together. For scallop braid strips in circles (three pieces). Strips scallop 30 cm.

The most difficult thing to do for children's feet. We can compare with blank tabs for "crown" or draw a diagram on paper marker. Folded better from the middle. You can first bend, then straighten, spread glue, bend again.

Wings of oval and twisted them in another way: the tip of the folded strips (the guys I say "three waves"), 

Then the painting. Paint the trunk with the head (already glued), wings. Once dry, you can gather: glue first one wing, comb, glue the tail, beak. Allow to dry. Once dry, glue the other wing.

Glue eyes (can be made of felt, you can try purchased). To Cockerel standing, we have made it podstavochku. There needed my help. Glued to the cockerel podstavochki using the glue gun. Podstavochki children decorate flowers, ribbon tied around the neck.
Cockerel ready!

In this technique, we do a lot of other crafts. Here are some of them ... bunny and teddy bear.

I wish all the inspiration!

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Dark patches usually appear on the neck, armpits and inner thighs due to waxing, shaving, using deodorants and even sun exposure. Also, other factors that lead to dark spots, patches and other facial marks are excess melanin secretion of the skin, hormone imbalance, taking certain medications, pregnancy, lack of vitamins, not getting enough sleep, and too much stress.
Moreover, people suffering from obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal or genitourinary cancers usually have dark spots of these areas on the skin, including people that go through hormonal treatments. People spend plenty of money on beauty treatments, dermatologist, or products that are promising dark spots removal from the skin. However, all of this can sometimes be only waste of time and money.
People with such spots and patches can feel uncomfortable and even less self confident.
As strange as it may sound, but baking soda, olive oil and salt can help you feel great in your skin again! This article will teach you how to remove dark spots with an inexpensive, easy, and a simple, natural way to restore optimal health for your skin. Your skin will look younger, brighter and stains-free.
You’ll be needing the following ingredients:
  • A tablespoon of olive oil
  • A tablespoon of baking soda
  • A tablespoon of salt
Take a plastic bowl, put all the ingredients in it and mix them until you get a smooth paste. Apply the resulted paste on the affected skin area and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then, wash off with cold water.
Another option to remove dark patches is by using milk, white clay, and lemon. Mix well the ingredients in a bowl and apply the mixture on the skin area affected with dark patches. Let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water at the end.
The chosen treatment should be done three times a week, until your stains are eliminated.
Additional skin care tips:
  • Use UV protection sunscreen anytime you go out in the sun during this treatment;
  • Consume plenty of water and eat food that is rich in vitamin E;
  • The remedy’s ingredients should be extra virgin oil, sea salt, and skim milk;
  • Also, you can add a small amount of coconut oil;
  • Perform the treatment three times a week until your dark patches are gone.

Article source: www.healthyfoodguide24h.com

DIY Home decor idea / simple paper craft


For the manufacture of a cockerel in the technique of quilling need:
  • - A set of slips of paper (or just elements of "closed spiral"), bright colors;
  • - A long wooden skewer (or a special tool for this art crafts);
  • - A tube of glue PVA;
  • - Thick cardboard;
  • - Rooster image;
  • - The paper file.
Since paper spiral I had a diameter of 3 cm, and a rooster to get more. The smaller circles are, the slimmer will hack.

For the work you need three basic quilling elements : a drop, eye and arm .
To make the drop, you need one hand to hold the spiral, and the second to form a sharp corner.

For the manufacture of eye corners element must appear at two opposite sides of the fold is therefore synchronous with both hands.

A boom element is obtained when the spiral fold in half, with both hands simultaneously.

If I need to connect the two parts together, I use a paper clip. 

So, in the "painting" I found a very beautiful image of a rooster, print it on a sheet of white paper. 
She put in a file for documents and thick cardboard sheet with a picture of the hero. This is to ensure that the hack could be used as an independent element. 

On the crest, I paid a generous layer of PVA glue. 5 red and glue pieces called drop.

From black, white and orange slips, I formed a tight roll and it will turn the birds eye.

From white and light yellow pieces of paper made head and beak.

5 elements I went on the neck and 2 - on earrings under the beak. 

Gradually, I filled the blank of paper body, the wing and the bird's legs.

On the tail and wing elements matter most, and they are all bright saturated shades of green, blue and orange.

As such, I left work for the night near the battery. This is to ensure that the adhesive PVA has dried up well, and all the parts firmly scrapie. 
On the morning of the image easily separated from the stencil.

Get breathtakingly beautiful tracery Cockerel. His height - 25 cm. 
You can use it as a toy on the Christmas tree. To do this, just need to attach a small rope.

That's my hack looks on the branches of spruce. 

You can stick to the bright rooster cardboard, and it will be a postcard. You just need to write on the back of nice wishes and congratulations to the year Cockerel.

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Beautiful Butterfly from satin stitch