Sunday, 28 October 2018

Monday, 3 October 2016


 Bouquet made of conventional ropes can be used Raffi, sisal or jute - what do you have on hand.Twist a basket quite simply, to work you will need a hot glue..

So, for you will need a rope, hot glue, oasis and fresh flowers (if you will make the basket for a gift)

The basket begin to do with the center. Rope join in the ring and fix the hot glue

Pull the rope in circles, sometimes capturing hot glue

Gradually we get the bottom of the basket

Having reached the desired size, move to the sides of the basket

Rope laid along the bottoms, we get the first row of a side basket

That such a basket should get

Make a handle

Glued together two lengths of rope

Cropped excess glue

Glue the handle to the basket

Getting decorating baskets

You can use ribbons, braid and any decorations

When using fresh flowers, be laid on the bottom of the basket and a film oasis of flowers

Friday, 30 September 2016


 What is the charm of this waste material. Bottles of water, milk, yogurt, sour cream cans are indispensable raw material for creativity.

Today I want to introduce you to a bunch of daisies in a plastic bowl made of white plastic bottles to decorate the reception room for the holiday March 8.
Not many, not enough - is all that is needed for the daisies:
  • yogurt bottles,
  • Cocktail tubes
  • jars of shoe covers, but rather cap.

Cut off the bottom of a bottle and cut flower.

Then glue the yellow cap-center and-stick tube.
All this is making sure the adhesive gun.

Leaflets are cut out of the straw, the pre-cutting of iron and iron.

Now the vase:
bottle of yogurt and bottom of a bottle of milk, cut flowers with a hole in the middle for the decoration of the vase.

I began to weave through one strip does not stick, plastic keeps the shape well.

Then beauty in a daisy stem vase insert for stability glued to the disc.

The vase is ready, put it in a bouquet of daisies.