Father’s Day Shirt Card

Father’s Day Shirt Card

Handmade cards are a great for Father’s Day.

Handmade cards are a great for Father’s Day.Father’s Day shirt card is the perfect way to get kids involved in making something personal for Dad. this handmade Father’s Day cards will be something that can be enjoyed during the holiday.

Supplies Needed to Make Card

Card Stock
Bow Tie Pasta
Acrylic Paint
Extra Strong Glue.

Cut  8 X 11  piece of card stock in half.

Fold one of the pieces in half...

after the card is folded, make two cuts about 1.5 inches from the top of the card, leaving about a two inch uncut portion in the center...

Unfold card and cut rest of the strip off the back of the card...

To make the collar - fold the two cut edges towards the center of the card. Then glue these pieces down to make the collar...

Paint one bow tie pasta noodle and wait for dry. Then glue the bow tie noodle to the collar and three buttons down the center..

Write a message on the inside of the card.your card is ready.

Watch the full tutorial video here before you get started! its help to create your card.