How to make Easy paracord Snakes

How to make Easy paracord Snakes

Here’s a fun paracord project for kids – make paracord snakes!

 at last watch video will help to create your work.

easy project for beginners.It may take a little while to learn, but most kids ages 6+ will be able to make this project.  6-11 year olds kids will likely need help figuring out the steps, while teens can make it own hand. Adult can little help to little kids

this snake is flexible. you can pose as you like. i like all colors of paracord.  here i showing purple and green.

you need materials -

8 foot lengths of paracord for each snake.
googly eyes
clear tap
hot glue or strong craft glue

put a hook into piece of wood to make snack . need to attach.

Position the seam between the two colors off to one side.You don’t want it to be exactly in the center because this end will be the snake’s mouth

How to make a Snake Knot

Tie both strands of paracord around the hook, or find something else to tie it to.  The distance between the hook and the pencil should be 12-13 inches...

Start with the dark green strand and make  ( L ) shape.Then weave the light green strand under and through the other side...

Start again on the left side... Go under the center strands, and then through..

Now go to the right side

Remove pencil and unfold  bottom loop., This will be the snake’s headd.

Cut a small piece of paracord.  maybe 6 inches long.  Fold it over and put a small piece of tape around it to make it easier to work with.  Set it inside the loop.making the head larger than the body

again step 1

For the tongue, I wove a short strand of red paracord through the underside of the head.

I made one snake with bead eyes by threading pony beads onto the paracord in the head.  None of us liked the bead eyes as well as the googly eyes

watch video of bracelet which help to create your work