Colorful painted Dragonfly craft for kids

Colorful  painted Dragonfly craft for kids

dragonfly craft was so fun to make

We love painting and this dragonfly craft was so fun to make! I had just as much fun painting these colorful dragonfly as my kids. Using Q-tips is a relaxing way to paint and it’s great for working.

We all had fun creating the designs on our dragonfly wings. This is a great summer craft project for kids of all can create more attractive using mind.

materials :- 

dragonfly template or Draw self on sheet
Acrylic paint in assorted colors
White card sheet
Paint brushes
Paint palettes

1. Print out or draw your dragonfly template on white cardsheet. Cut the template, younger kids will need help with this step.

2. Get all your paints colors ready in your paint palette and, use one q-tip per color.  Remind the kids not  mix up their q-tip colors.

3.Let kids have funn and create their dragonfly wing patterns.. Remind them to take their time and not to rush. understand them to explore with different colors and patternss.

4..Once the wings are done, dry before painting the dragonfly body. Using a paintbrush,let kids pick out a color for their dragonfly. Once the body is dry, choose one or two colors to create a pattern with q-tips on the dragonflies body. We used gold and silver paint for this can use any colors.

This dragonfly craft was so fun to make by kids! My kids have already been asking to make more. It’s  easy project for kids, but older kids will also enjoy creating dragonfly wing patterns with q-tips.