How to remove sun tan at home

First start with removing the old nail polish here i am using onyx nail polish remover and then trim your nails. to take really good care of your nails don’t wear same nail polish more than a week and try to follow this pedicure routine at least twice a month. now you can notice tanning and dry and flaky skin on my feet but you can notice my feet transformation at the end of this video. so for the second step we need warm water and john sons head to toe or baby shampoo. add shampoo in warm water and mix it properly and soak your feet in this water for 5 minutes. now to remove all the dirt brush your nails and to remove dead cells scrub your heels whenever you are satisfied with this step pat dry your feet . for the next step add approximately a table spoon of honey and half lemon in warm water. then leave the squeezed lemon in water and mix it well. after that soak you feet in water for 10 min. lemon really helps to straighten the nails and remove the blemishes from your feet so rub the lime on your nails and feet and massage your feet properly. you can again scrub your heels if you think you still have some dead cells left. then take your feet out and pat dry them. now lets see how to make tan removing and skin whitening foot scrub. to prepare this add 2 teaspoon of coffee, 2 teaspoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel and 1/2 lime in a bowl and mix it well until you get smooth and thick consistency. then apply this pack on your feet with brush or hands and leave it on your feet for 5 minutes, after 5 minuets massage your feet for another 5 minutes, this will help to remove blemishes uneven skin tone tanning and also removes remaining dead cells and leave your feet polished fairer brighter and glowing. . then wash your feet until the coffee stains are gone and pat dry your feet. I am sure you can notice a very visible difference on my feet, then apply any thick moisturizer or foot cream on your feet, here i am using genes vitamin e creme but you can use any. then massage your feet gently for 5 min to relax the muscles and it will leave your feet soft, glowing and fresh. then apply 2 coats of your fev. nail color here i am applying sally hanson miracle gel polish in 360 tidal wave shade . and i am sure you can notice drastic changes my feet. here are few tips for happy feet Tips for happy feet 1.Do pedicure twice a month. 2.Regularly scrub your feet. 3.Wash and moisturize your feet before going to bed 4.Drink lots of water to keep your feet hydrated. 5.Wear socks in winter to prevent dry skin.

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