How to make Origami kitty

For very numerous requests spread to create here is a funny green-eyed charm. The first time I made just such a cat as a gift for my sister’s birthday. Schemes I did not have and I experimented……….But the second time I did it consciously and here’s what I got

how to make pieces.

For this I needed a cat in 1000 and 130 units of white roses.

Putting 1 and 2 series that’s so. In the same row – 30 white modules.

That’s what happened when the two series are collected.

Begin to collect a series of 3 – also 30 white modules.

Here is the series of three meetings.

4th row start with 5 pink modules. then 25 white dress.

Here’s what you should get.

5th row consists of 6 pink and white 24 modules.

Here. what happened.

6th row consists of 7 pink and white 23 modules.

7th row – this 8 pink and white 22 module.

8th row – that’s 7 pink and white 23 module.

Here’s a view of our creation is from the side.

9th row – 8 pink and white 22 module.
10th row – that’s 7 pink and white 23 module.

11th series consists of 6 pink and white 24 modules.

12th row – that’s 7 pink and white 23 modules.

Here carefully, because we begin to reduce the number of modules. and so, the 13-th row will consist of 6 pink and white for 22 modules. That is, we have reduced the number of white modules.

14th row – we continue to reduce the modules – Get 5 pink and white 21 module.

15th row – also reduce the number of modules – we need to put 6 pink and white 18 modules

16th row – we will not reduce the modules. Now we put 5 pink and white 19 modules.
17th row – 4 pink and white 20 modules.
18th row – here, too, decreases by several modules that we have to get 5 in a row of pink and white 18 modules. 19th row – 4 pink and white
19 modules. 20th row – 3 pink and
20 white modules.
21-th row – and the last time we reduce the number of modules, to get in this series 4 pink and white 17 modules.
22th row – 3 pink and white 18 module.
23rd series – 2 pink and white 19 module.
24th row – one pink and white modules 20.
25th row – 21 White module. Here’s what you should get:

26th row dress face module inside too white 21 module.

27th row – 21 white module has the face of the module on the outside.

Then dress has 8 rows of 21 white module and get just such a cat’s head.

Beginning to make ears for cats. Dress up 4 Pink module and 2 white module like so:

The next series of dress has three pink and white 2 module:

Next we put on for 2 pink and white 2 module:

Now we put 1 and 2 pink white module.

Now finish your ear for a cat wearing only white 1 module.

Do the same thing on the other hand – this is the second eyelet for our cats.

Now go to the main decoration of any cat – her tail! to start collecting the first two rows. 1st series – 5 white modules, 2nd – 4 White module.

3rd row – again 5 modules.

View from the side.

followed by the alternating series – 5 modules, the following series of 4 modules, 5 modules, 4 modules …. And ultimately must come out 20 rows of 5 modules and 20 rows of 4 modules.

Thereafter, the 21-th row has 6 consists of modules. Increase the number of modules like this:

22 minutes – with 8 white modules.
23 minutes – 7 modules.
24 minutes – 6 modules.
25 minutes – 5 units. And
26 minutes ryad- 4 modules.

Here’s a cat should you get:

Now draw the eyes, nose and mouth.

Paste it:

Kitty is ready