Rose carrot for the holiday table

To create roses we need:
  • carrots,
  • toothpicks
  • sharp knife,
  • utensils with water,
  • a sprig of fresh mint or any other edible greens,
  • a pinch of salt.
    Getting to the creation of edible roses. Peeled carrots cut into very thin slices. Sliced ​​carrots lightly sprinkle with salt, this will give them flexibility to form a bud. Bend slices in half, as shown in the photo below.

Getting to the creation of a rose. One slice folded in half is twisted into a cone and fix two toothpicks – to pierce it with the two sides get two perpendicular axes. Then take a petal (folded in half slice carrots) and put it on the two ends of the toothpicks.

We continue to build roses, landing on toothpicks remaining petals. Just need 5-6 slices.

Fully Assembled rose, cut the sticking toothpicks. Rose petals Bends and place it on a few minutes in a bowl with water.

We combine the rosettes with fresh sprig of mint.