How to make flower pin for the festive hairdresser of the princess

We prepared these materials:
1. Foamiran white Iranian or Korean (zephyr does not fit).
2. Scissors.
3. Glue cosmofen or glue gun.
4. The sponge.
5. Pastel oil soft Gallery number 223.
6. Iron.
7. Hairpins.
If you choose a color frame, then you do not need to render the pastel.

For a single flower, you need 3 squares of 3cm * 3cm, cut at each center and cut out such basics.

And for the middle 1 rectangle measuring 1cm * 3cm

That’s what should happen.

Heat the iron and apply each flower base for a few seconds. The edges should curl a little to the middle. Here I helped a little!

Take a toned rectangle and cut it to the middle (like grass). Then we twist and glue the edge of the glue with cosmosphere.

We start to collect our flower on a hairpin. We glue our pestle on the middle of the first base of the flower, then the second one. And the third basis is first pierced by a hairpin and only then to it on the middle we glue the first two assembled bases.

Here is a flower should be

courtesy: stranamasterov