Decorating skeleton leaves

Be creative with me! Started …

We need:
1. PVA glue. 
2. LAC acrylic think anyone …. I took the one that was used in decoupage. 
3. Clay time crystals. 
4. Glitters. 
5. Microbeads. 
6. Liquid Pearls – at your request. 
7. Poluzhemchug and rhinestones. 
8. Powder for embossing and hair dryers. 
9. Brushes. 
10. You can try Misty iridescent. 
11. Floral wire or conventional wire wrap themselves clans tape. 
12. Teip tape. 
13. And of course the main character – a skeletonized leaves.

Lay the leaves on the surface, face down. As vertebrae skeleton squeeze strip of adhesive crystals. (In the photo, I used glue instead of glosses, worn out … come now to the moment).

Next, attach the wire wrapped in a leaf. The photo shows that the wire is wound teip tape, it leaves my first … now I use a ready wire, it is sold in stores for creativity.

We are waiting for the complete drying.

And then I added the red ink in the glue. The same effect is like !!! Try adding a little PVA acrylic paint !!!!

Too successful experiment !!! On the glue, sprinkle embossing powder for dry and hairdryer.

Now wrap the ribbon wire clans, capturing the base of a leaf, shakes all the way down!

Everything !!! Bend the wire as it makes, or your other option would be …

And then wire gold colored acrylic paint.

Liquid pearls.

And this beauty with my hands

After this experiment, I bought the store BLACK skeletonized leaves (do not have a choice …) and black micro beads. Upset … and nothing !!! These black leaves … eventually given the green color !!! Look how beautiful was the result