Daisies from izon technology

With the help of technology Izon out very beautiful pictures. Especially great they look different colors. In this craft class, shows the execution of daisies and ears of wheat timothy in the art.

For the production of paintings in the art Izon we need:
  • paper,
  • cardboard dark color,
  • pencil,
  • eraser,
  • brush
  • 2 small stationery clamp
  • inscribed with pen
  • reel thread: white, sea green, pink, red, green,
  • needle,
  • PVA glue,
  • a little semolina,
  • gouache green and yellow

Attach clips to the cardboard pattern and push handle.

Make punctures on cardboard.

Getting embroidery izonityu. We carry out the patterns on the vase on the “corner.”

We carry out the patterns on the vase on the “circle.”

We carry out designs on the vase on the “circle”, piercing the missing holes formed along the edge of the arc.

We provide flower petals on the “circle.”

We carry out a napkin.

We carry out the leaves on “circle”, embroidered stems.

Applied to the core of the flower spike timothy and glue.

Sprinkle with semolina and a little glue presses, keep drying up.

Excess rump shake, core daisy paint yellow gouache and spike timothy – light green.

Courtesy: LIVE