Is the toothpaste you are using full with chemicals? Yes, the conventional toothpaste is full of various toxins. It is even written on the label that it should not be swallowed, and to contact the poison control center in case you swallow the toothpaste by accident. And your mouth has the highest absorption power. And when you are brushing your teeth, all the ingredients that are in your mouth are absorbed into your blood.



Triclosan is a chemical germ killed and it is contained in every conventional toothpaste. Colgate Total toothpaste still uses triclosan as an active ingredient for twenty years now. It is also labeled as a pesticide and can cause damage to the thyroid hormones, interrupts the function of the heart and causes cancer.


Polyethylene is the most prevalent plastic worldwide. It is utilized in packaging and the production of containers.
This is a statement of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health for polyethylene glycols:
In the body, the ethylene glycol is decomposed chemically in the toxic material. And then its toxic compounds and the ethylene attack the central nervous system, and after that the heart, and in the end the kidneys. High amounts of ethylene are fatal.


Toothpaste that contains fluoride causes damage to the gums. With the concentration of 1,000 ppm which is added to conventional toothpaste, it can decelerate the self-repair mechanisms of the gums and also damage the gums by poisoning the enzyme activity. Neurologia published a study which showed that frequent intake of fluoride can actually damage the health and also the nervous system. Fluoride also has many side-effects such as cancer, damage to the gastrointestinal tract, bones, thyroid gland, pineal gland, decreased IQ in children, and damage to the brain.
We can also add that sodium fluoride can damage or destroy the living cells and also causes inflammation.


Surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate are highly absorbed in the blood and they are actually carcinogenic. They are also the reason for many health problems like mouth ulcers, canker sores, denaturing of structural proteins, hormone imbalances and eye and skin irritations.


Sorbitol or also called glucitol is a sugar alcohol and it is a type of sugar alcohol and the body metabolizes it very slowly. They are the main reasons for digestive stress. Chris Kresser says that diarrhea is a result of high intake of sugar alcohols that are FODMAPs, and it is due to excess water that is taken to the large intestine. The gut bacteria ferment the sugar alcohols and this leads to bloating and gas, and sugar alcohols also reduce the absorption of fat from food.


The pH level of the dental plaque is reduced as a result of artificial sugars. The higher the acidity, the bigger the damage to the teeth. If there is also aspartame, you should know that it is also toxic and is related to numerous health problems like brain tumors.


Antifreeze contains propylene glycol as an active compound and it is surfactant or solvent. The EPA deliberates the propylene glycol as a highly toxic compound and it needs to be handled with goggles, protective clothing, gloves and suitable disposal.


It is not recommended to use toothpaste that is full with glycerin as it is shown in the research by Dr. Gerald F. Judd. It has the effect of covering your teeth and in that case, it prevents nutrient absorption and re-mineralizing. He also states that it take up to 20 rinses to wash off the glycerine toothpaste.


This compound is related to the appearance of kidney cancer and liver cancer, and it is considered as a foaming agent. It is also responsible for the formation of cancer-causing nitrates and also interrupts the hormones.

FD & C DYES 1 &2

They are a type of artificial dyes that are related to numerous health conditions. They are the main cause for allergic reactions, asthma, headaches and cancer.