How to make tulips from threads

The following materials and tools will be needed for work:
Stationery glue, sewing threads of different colors: white, burgundy, dark green and light green, scissors, needle, fingertips or balloons, wire, needle, dark green napkins

The sequence of the work:
We inflate a ball from the fingertip of the right size (you can take a small balloon), tighten it with a thread. Now we take the threads for the outer petals of the flower (I have maroon flowers), place the coil in the container in order to facilitate the winding. The end of the thread is passed through the needle and pierce the tube with the glue.

We remove the needle. Next, we wind the thread, impregnated with glue, on the ball in an arbitrary order sufficiently tightly.

In the end, you should get this kind of billet

Wet the raw material to dry. In total, we need three burgundy blanks.
For the inner row of petals we take the thread of white color. We inflate a smaller ball and repeat all previous actions. We get such a preparation.

We need three blanks of white color. We dry our blanks.
After the blanks have dried, you need to carefully pierce the balls with a needle and remove them.

We make six cuts on our workpiece so that we get six petals

We bend each petal. Do the same with the other five workpieces.
Let’s start making sepals. We will make them from a thread of linen. Take the green thread of two colors: dark and light. We impregnate them with glue in the same way – passing the thread through a tube with glue. We spread the threads in a chaotic order on a polyethylene film. Cover the top with another layer of film, put it into the press until it dries.

Cut off the dry “canvas” three squares.

We cut out sepals from them.

Only three pieces. From the remnants of the “canvas”, you can cut out leaves and decorate them with a stem.
From the thread of burgundy color, we will make stamens. To do this, we cut the threads 6-7 cm long, from a bundle of them. We take a wire of about 40 cm, put our bundle of threads in the middle, twist the wire, fixing the beam.

On the same wire, we first dress the white workpiece, followed by the burgundy.

Next, we string our sepals.

The stem of the flower is wrapped in a dark green ribbon, cut off from the napkin, pre-lubricated with glue.

After drying the stalk paste on its leaflets.

Our flower is ready.