How to make paper dish for wall art

Craft packing paper

Cut into 2 cm wide

I took the tracing paper from under the shoes in the shoe boxes

I twist on a spoke 1.8 cm rolling with a rolling pin – this will be our braid

It is in large rings small rings width 2 cm length 6 cm twisted on the spoke 3 cm

I cut the paper around the circumference I want so that I have a ring

I wind the tip on the needle and glue all the paper with glue, preferably 2 cm, which will be wound directly on the spoke, do not miss it – it will be difficult to pull off the knitting needle

Here it is wound up, it is good to roll on a spoke so that it is pasted

Rolling a rolling pin

And glue in a ring of the right diameter

And fill it with a pattern, well, here’s what fantasy tells you
Inserting glass, you can have beads, who likes what

We braid the next ring and put on a ring filled with a pattern, preferably before the braid, when you measure the ring, make it 1 mm wider, and then it will be small – you will not put it on

like this

Well and to them, we make a skeleton

make the ring a little bigger, taking into account that we will braid the frame

Made of these strips small pads in the form of triangles, to create a form of dish

Here on the side of the empty ringlet is seen a small tubercle – that’s what I put in order for the dish to take a concave shape Doing separately the elements of the pattern and dragging them to the frame

So skeleton and inserted circles

It remains to paste the bottom


These are small rings

I twist on a spoke 3

I twist into the rings on the spoke 6

Well, this bottom is attached to the dish

courtesy: liveinternet