How to make origami flower cube

The original cube with a picture of the classic Kusudama module is very nice and quickly assembled, but some skills are needed in this matter:

To collect a cube with a side of 6 cm. It will take 3 sheets of A4 paper to be divided into 2 parts. 6 sheets – 6 faces.

We select from the format A5 a square with a side of 15 cm.

Find the second diagonal and add the “pancake” (all corners will meet in the center)

We turn over:

The lateral staircase is connected with the middle, the valley fold:

The same with the other side. BF “door”:

We plan the folds on the corners:

Return the corners. They need to be bent inside.

The corner should exactly be bent, not hidden under the top layer as if we were doing a box.

This action is repeated for each corner:

The upper corners we pull aside, lowering the middle parts:

It turns out like this:

The same we do with the bottom corners. We got a catamaran:

I like to play around with the pockets I’ve got, to make a turntable

Pockets need to be flattened, as in classical cubic

Here you can see how this is done:

All pockets in place:

As in the classical Kusudam, we join the sides of the squares with the diagonals:

We flatten out 8 small triangular pockets:

We pull out the corners that were under the top layer. The edge of the cube is ready. We make 5 more of the same:

The corner of one face is slightly smeared with glue (the very edges) and inserted between the petals of the flower. In this case, the corner falls into the center of the square. In the photo, I did not specifically bring to the center, so that the connection could be seen:

It is easier to connect the two side faces and secure them to the third from above, and then collect all the others:

Cube found in this wonderful book:

courtesy: stranamasterov