How to make lilac from plastic bottles

I had a white bottle, so I made a white lilac. Still needed wire 0.3 mm

Cut out the petals of flowers, pierced in the center.

Each petal has melted over the candle so that it curls inwards. I made about 60 flowers. It is possible and more, will be a more magnificent twig. Flower with a diameter of 2 cm, in the finished form becomes smaller. Part of the flowers bent more deeply inside, it will be unknown buds

For each flower cut a piece of wire about 30 cm long. At the end of the wire fixed a bead.
Hello! Lilac in the yard, lilac, and I have such a branch of lilac left to my memory. Photo 5
I inserted the wire into the hole in the flower.

That the flower does not slip, it needs to be fixed. To do this, from a white bottle, cut circles 8 mm in diameter, pierced them in the center, put them on a wire, heated over a candle and FAST pressed them against the flower with two fingers. as a result, the flower was fixed and he had a leg like a real lilac

Flowers collected in bunches of 5-7 pieces twisted them together. In the center of a bouquet of unblown buds.

Gradually screwed bunches to the central branch, forming a branch. Here is such a twig turned out.

Cut out two leaves, scribbled scissors (or carnations) veins on the leaves. Leafs have fused over the candle and twisted the twig of the twig, on which the leaves are kept. The end of the twig is not twisted flagellum.

Now attach the sheet to the branch. The end of the sheet is wrapped around a branch, we melt over a candle, it will be well fixed. We cut off the surplus.

Below we attach the second sheet.

We cut from a green bottle a strip 1 cm wide and gradually wrapped around a branch, holding it over a candle.

Finished twig. On a light background is better seen. I will try to improve the quality of photos!

This flower is closer.

Now we make a suitable vase. I cut off the bottle, cut the edges with strips and melted over the candle. Dots painted a branch of lilac.

In poured a little gypsum, inserted a twig and waited for the gypsum to set. The branch should be fixed with something to keep it steady until the gypsum is frozen. I wrapped the newspaper around the branches. Well, finally our work is ready!

In the yard, I tore off a real branch of lilac and put it next to it. Looks like it turned out!

And this I did with a rose with a metallic luster.

My basket with roses. When a bottle of a new color appears, a new rose is added to the basket.

Here are my violets.
Thank you all for visiting and seeing through to the end!

courtesy: stranamasterov