How to make paper flowers

How to make paper flowers

We will need to stem 1trubochka + skewer,
green for cups – 6 tubes,
yellow – 7 tubes,
and leaf – 7 green tubes.

Stem – wooden skewer inside.

Prepare 6 green tubes and thread.

thread tube to the stem.

Let us open the tube sun.

Let’s make a cup of spiral braiding.

About the size of a cup of eggshell walnut.
Prodenem tube under the coil, secured with glue.

To have a cup of green was more “tail”, is passed by the turns of the tube cut a thin end and glued to the inside.

Yellow petals should be about 5 cm long. Excess then…
Tubes with one end of love to spin when they are cut. This naughty tip should be inside the cup, trace behind it.

That’s how we glue the tube at one end.

For reliability tighten bundle of the thread.

Good brushing glue, tucked into the cup beam.

And now paste it in a circle in the remaining space pointy straw.

Allow the glue to make the grab “haircut” and open flower.
And the little green tails on the stem as well.

Around the stem to close the thread stick thin tube ring.
It remains to make a piece of paper on the three fundamentals, a simple weave, with teeth.

That’s all. Summer, summer, come!

Burr will do much the same way …

Only green “tails” I hid it inside a cup.

Calyx, of course, other forms of …

And another leaf. The basis of the center – the tube and the sides of the spokes.

openwork handle from the basket.

Spokes take out, the ends of the tubes working pasted.

And for fragrance – lavender!

Warm summer! Nice work! Good luck and inspiration!
courtesy: stranamasterov