How to make a doll from plastic bottle

how to make a Pancake or just a doll for kindergarten from scrap materials. All the difference is in the design.

We need:
wooden wedges;
screwdriver, screws;
plastic bottle (1.5 l.);
round plastic bowl;
nylon toe flesh-colored;
cotton pads (130 pieces);
glue “Titan”;
sequins (eyes, nose);
red self-adhesive;
2 white cardboard sheet;
black woolen thread;
little “crab” (hairpins);
implementation stages
Make a rack – the foundation for the doll using thin wooden wedges. Saw, connect the parts with the screw .

Head dolls are made of a plastic ball. Cut a hole in it (the size of the cork on the bottle.

Put on a stocking ball, put the ball in the bottle stopper 

Glue doll “hair” using black wool threads: first bang, then the rest of the hair (30 cm.) 

Dress made of the cotton disc. Color wheels in different colors 

Apply the discs from the top. Sleeve dresses make different colors: 1 sleeve – Blue + Red; 2 sleeve – green + yellow . Engage face. Glue the eyes, nose, eyebrows, mouth. Mouth cut red self-adhesive.

Glue the paper frame for the hem of the dress of white cardboard

Weave in the doll’s head 5 braids. With the help of “crabs” make her hairstyle, put beautiful braids.

Her dress glue series: blue, yellow, green, red, yellow, purple. Put beads on the doll.

courtesy: podelki-doma