Conversion of cardboard spools of yarn in pencil holders.

Conversion of cardboard spools of yarn in pencil holders.

Step 1: We need:
-bobina out of yarn;
-solomka, flowers or ornaments for decorating;

Step 2. From the bottom of a cardboard cut out.

Step 3. Glue to the bottom of a reel.

Step 4. Apply a thin strip of glue on the outside.

Step 5. Glue the twine around the reel, pressing firmly. At every turn of the glue is applied again.

Step 6: The result pencil holders, ready for decoration.

Step 7. Begin to decorate pencil holders. We will need the straw (can take sticks, twigs or skewers as clear up your imagination))) and twine.

Step 8. Begin to weave a “fence”.

Step 9. Twine folded in half to form a loop. Put the straw in the loop, the free ends of stretch in the loop.

Step 10. Tighten the knot.

Step 11. The second straw put on a string.

Step 12. The free ends are extending into the opening from right to left across the top of the straw.

Step 13. Tighten the knot.’

Step 14. By attaching straws do “fence” We needed length. Hedge End anchoring knot.

Step 15 is ready to “hedge” is pasted on the pencil holders. Decorate with leaves and flowers. Pasted acrylic drop.

And we admire the result

courtesy: liveinternet