Weave newspaper decorative spoons for kitchen interior.

weave newspaper decorative spoons for decoration kitchen interior. spoons length – 23 cm, width of shovels – 8 cm. Made spoon on a frame of metal wire, decorated with cherry spoon of salt dough, leaves of paper twine, decoupage elements, poppies of egg cells. Very nice work.

So, take a newspaper or magazine tube, do loop on the desired size of the circle

It turned out this way, you can flatten slightly on the sides of the circle to get the outlines of the oval shovels

The upper base cheat two legs, then substitute the working tube

Begin to weave, after giving racks bulge can be fixed pegs

Scourge adhering to the convex shape of the ladle. Since the mid scoop narrow the rack and finish base

Cropped average rack and continue to weave the handle of a spoon. The handle is braided in two racks, slightly expanded at the top of