She Covers This Balloon With Doilies. When She Pops It, I’m Surprised By What It Transforms Into

Balloon crafts is getting more and more creative now, and today we are going to use it again for home lighting decoration. We all need a bit of change every now and then. One of the most overlooked items when it comes to home decor is the light fixtures. If you are looking for something elegant to spruce up a room, however, new light fixtures can be expensive. If a new light doesn’t exactly fit into your budget, why not give these simple and inexpensive DIY lanterns a try? Even in well-lit rooms, these lanterns can be used as elegant accent lighting.
To start this project you will need:
  • A pack of cloth doilies; A balloon; Petroleum jelly; Elmer’s glue; Water
  • A mixing bowl, A paintbrush, Scissors; A measuring spoon.
  • Flour
  • A light kit

Make Sarah’s super cute DIY doily lantern to decorate your room! Let’s watch

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