How to print photos on the phone at home without having to shop

Printing photos on the phone in this way is both cheap and beautiful!

Today's cell phone is not just a regular protector but an accessory that expresses the personality of the owner of the phone. But buy the tiles are easy to "hit" that the store ordered to print is too expensive. What should I do? Do not worry, there is a solution.
-A picture of any size, just the size of the phone
-Delete transparent phone
-Paper heat transfer decal
Step 1:
- Print photos from your computer to the decal paper. Because when printed on the tiles, the photo will turn upside down so before printing out the paper, you pay attention to rotate the photo to fit offline.
- If you do not have a printer, you can go to the photo shop offline.

Step 2:
- Stick the upper surface of the image to the outside of the back of the tape with adhesive tape.

Step 3:
- Use a light ironing board with low temperature on the back of the tape.

Step 4:
Put the phone back in warm water and let stand for about 30 minutes.

Step 5:
- After 30 minutes, you rub the paper to reveal the photo printed on the cladding.

Done! Fast yet? 

Source: DDelectro Tech