How to make the tulips of spoons lamp

To begin with, we need plastic, disposable spoon, 6 tablespoons 1 tulip

Cut the handles of spoons, they no longer need us. Getting spoons glued between a first glue 3 tablespoons each other and even glue 3 above.

When glued all the buds they need to color, the color of your choice, can be painted with the spray, spray paint.

The buds need to make holes for the stem, for example, melted the.

As the stem using a plastic tube, which is glued to the bud.

Further, in each flower insert the LED, I used white LEDs, so as buds still painted. Connecting the LEDs through the resistors, otherwise, it will be heated.

When the LEDs are inserted, combine all the colors together, you can just cut a circle out of cardboard, make holes in it and insert the flowers.

Check, the light is good.

Next, find a suitable pot.

Set a bouquet in a pot and sprinkle with beautiful stones.
Tulips of spoons with his hands ready, we got a good lamp.

courtesy: liveinternet