How to make grapes from pistha shell

“Pistachio grapes.” From the name, I think, it is clear from what he’s done.

Nuts immediately noted in pairs, to immediately know which halves stick together. Glue sticks together Titan.Na wire pinning pieces of cloth and pasted into a nut to hold better.

So I stick together in pairs, and then collected in a bunch.

That’s what happens.

I start painting white paint with the addition of purple.

Then, added painted purple and I do not know how many times, adhesive glue gap, too many times already and painted, because probably paint the shells, then widen the narrow opening between the turn and the shells which I plastered with glue, then painted again. Berries are glued to each other, too, so as not sticking out in different directions.

In the end, it turned out such a brush. After painting the tails of wire wrapped green napkin and all varnished.

Dried after painting, then blocked. Used in paint color purple, acrylic varnish parquet.

Another part of the branch. Branch purchase. Because leaves were more like ivy leaves, I bit them “fit” under vine. As far as I got it, to judge you.

Well, once again in all its glory. Live would go to his daughter. At home he would find a place to live.

courtesy: liveinternet