How to create a paintings from salt dough

Today I want to show you how I create paintings from salt dough

After preparing all of the materials, preparing salt dough: flour, salt, water, 1: 1: 1, several drops of sunflower oil. At the end of shunt bit of flour to form a tough, non-sticky dough.

Here’s everything you need for modeling

Under the three-dimensional objects puts a foil. For all smooth smooths brush dipped in water

All items are ready. Bowl I just will not work, however, and the end result is not very happy. Therefore, sub-rule it then at the very end

Roll out the dough droplet stack can be clicked to make veins.

We put together the petals.

Insert the midway-circles and smooths wet brush.

The middle of small triangular dough balls, smoothing brush

Colorable basis in the desired shades.

Glue “Dragon” all the details on the fiberboard. Fresh leaves already directly on fiberboard.

Coloring in primary colors.
Add Malinka and shades of our dishes. Paint on the grass in the background.

Work ready. It remains to wait until dry and varnish – glossy or matte.

courtesy: liveinternet