Beaded construction of phone case

How to make a phone case phone ornaments ornate construction of the sheath are made on how to cover the construction of phone

Need about 50g CABIN beads, thread type Iris,needle

Beads strung on a thread (whatever you like: or almost all at once, or I divided into three times)

Need to know the size of the phone, rather its a circle for this width and thickness of folded and multiply by 2 (in this case 13 cm) and dial a chain of Air. loops exactly half that number- – 6.5 cm. This chain tie on both sides (in a circle), in the extreme loop knit 3 ce All this while without beads.

Now in the second row start adding beads in each loop, then I elm always in a circle without division into ranks.

It looks like the outer side


Knit to the desired height. The last 2-3 rows can associate a different color. Then, in one corner of the start of the chain ………. petal with the addition of beads,  tie suspension and READY