making chicken - baskets of paper vines,

Easter. By only one word mood rises. Day, who enjoyed all the adults and children. Bright and really liked the holiday. I suggest you see a master class on making chicken - baskets of paper vines, which with great love can be put Easter eggs and small mud pies. Enjoy your viewing!

You will need:
  1. Paper rolls, 30 cm length, 170 gray (or other) color 1 red.
  2.  Scissors.
  3. Spoke.
  4. PVA glue.
  5. Acrylic lacquer.
  6. Thick thread, red.

For soft, comfortable weaving, paper rolls need to moisten by spraying with water or conventional paint brush. In this case, the ends of both sides should remain dry. Wrap wet rolls in oilcloth. 30 pieces of tubes should be left to dry. 

We start with the bottom weave ... Take 16 dry tubes are interconnected by two, you get 8 bars long. 

Next, divide the cross tube and the two pattern just as we did in the photo above.

To build ducts cut the ends diagonally.

Next we weave, one tube. To further avoid confusion, the tube that begins the weaving, note the thread.

That's what happens.

Pletom one duct 5 rows. A total of 8 lines. Their number depends on the size form if Thomas larger diameter, and hence the series will be larger. Our chicken is not very large and is designed for 10 testes.

That's what happens.

First row properly all stanchions raised.

Insert the form. I have it with saucer flower. We fix in a few places clothespins to weaving was smooth and stanchions, "do not walk". We continue weaving. 

Pletom 5 rows. Next we need to add additional stanchions. For this counted right, marked by stanchions thread, another three stanchions. And fourth, sixth and eighth, with the help of needles, inserted extra dry tubes (in the photo, marked by arrows). 

Then twist around each stoyachok separately.

Pletom three more series and remove form.

Next pletom three more rows, 

We begin to tail weaving. To do this, again we reckon right of the marked thread stanchions, three stanchions and to the fourth and sixth substitute extra dry straw.

Weave the tail will be inside the basket. To do this, take two wet tubes, combine and fold in half. Bow stanchions, as shown in the photo.

Next on the photos, I think all is well understood.

After the fifth series, it is necessary to narrow weaving, creating a tail feather.

The tip of the wrap by two or three turns of one of the working rolls and fix between the weave.

Proceed to the weaving of the neck and head. Start is the same as when weaving, poryshek tail. Substitute extra dry tubes to stanchions marked thread and a third of it, from the photo is clearly seen

After the varnish is completely dry, you can start to decor. Eyes, of course, you can use ready-made, but I made myself. Drawn in Word, printed, pasted on a thin cardboard and cut out.

Glue the eyes, comb and beak, silicate glue or use the glue gun.

source - livemaster ru