idea to make Easter eggs...

We will need: egg shells, masking tape or paper, yarn or thick string, red spray paint, a piece of foam rubber, gold paint, I acrylic, PVA glue. And the decor at your discretion

Masking tape is very convenient to strengthen the shell. Fast, durable, clean and do not need to wait for drying layers. If you do not have this, we can strengthen the shell just paper and glue.

You can completely swaddle eggshell and can partly. In this case it is not so important. yarn layers play a role in strengthening. We could not paste, but then the yarn slides on the shell of. Or use, at least for the first layer, the adhesive more effective than PVA.

So I prepared the shells

Lubricated preform PVA starting winding of the yarn.

After complete winding grease the entire surface of the PVA and ..

decompose to dry. I was drying her near the stove.

Here the workpiece and dried.

Folding them into neat packages for dyeing and preserving the purity of the environment. I pick up the paint in the can and begin to paint.

In addition the package still performs the function gloves. Conveniently turn.

After drying, it is necessary to tint gold. Well, or the color that you like.

On a piece of foam rubber we put a little paint and glitter surface of the egg.

And then decorate as you want.