How To Make Paper Twine Panel

Here today creates a new masterpiece
work is not difficult, but laborious.
First, we need: paper twine, scissors, PVA glue, frame their own hands.

1) we shall cut pieces of twine and unwind, straighten using it straight nail

2) anchoring the strips obtained at the bottom of the back side Romani women using PVA adhesive.

3) rolls over and weave the base panels.
anchoring the ends of the strips on the reverse side with adhesive.
The base obtained is inserted into the frame.

4) Now we proceed to the production of flowers.
cut into lengths of twine to 6-7 cm.
at the ends to tie knots (it will be our stamen)
in strips of 5-6 cm. is rounded ends (we will petals).

5) connecting the stamens with petals with glue PVA we get flowers

6) each petal twirling a pencil 
of the resulting colors make up the composition.
leaves serve as a long strip.
strengthen the flowers simple: you just need to stick between the weaving, gluing is not necessary.
if you want the flowers can be painted.

I wish you success!