How to make hands to teach numbering

Allowed me to make a little game. It’s been a while since I was looking for how to teach him to count with the hands in a funny way … and here I found.
Each element is removed, so we can either find the corresponding hands, or find the die, or the barrette.
The small hands are made of paper, with a piece of wooden skewer picked up behind. The support is made of cardboard pen, and the rest in paper and plasticized and of course velcro!

I also realized hands, real size, it will be used at the same time as the corresponding worksheets or that some app. On the Ipad.
They are made of colored rubber sheet. Super easy to cut, on the other hand, it requires strong adhesive to fix the velcro, the fact that it is self-adhesive is not enough.

courtesy: donnes-moi-ta-main.over