How To Make An Easy And Effective Skin Lightening Cream At Home

 We do our best to have a clear, glowing face, but often neglect the other parts of the body. How about a skin lightening cream that is natural, homemade and can make our hands and neck as fair as the rest of our body? Often the soaps or the shower gels available on the market make tall claims about refreshing you, making your skin soft and fragrant, but deliver on none of the counts. And your skin ends up looking dark, tanned and dull that you feel shy to wear cut sleeve tops or short skirts.
We suggest a master recipe of a bath paste made of ingredients from the daily kitchen that can instantly brighten your complexion, remove tan and make your face and body soft and smooth. This works better than any fancy soap or shower cream. This is natural, safe and extremely effective. Your skin will become clear and beautiful in one use. Try today.


2 tbsp Gram flour (Besan)
2 tbsp Wheat flour (Atta)
2 tbsp Rice flour
2 tbsp Red lentil powder (Masoor dal)
1 tbsp Sandalwood powder 
1 tbsp Liquorice powder (Mulethi)
2 tbsp Rose water (for oily skin)
2 tbsp Cold Milk (for sensitive and combination skin)

Method of preparing this skin lightening cream:

1. In a bowl, blend gram flour, wheat flour, rice flour, red lentil powder, sandalwood powder, and liquorice powder together.
2. Store it in an air-tight jar.
3. Before using, pour out the quantity you need in a bowl and add a splash of rose water or a dash of cold milk (depending on your skin type).
4. Stir it till it forms a thick homogeneous paste.
5. Apply this mixture all over your skin, particularly your face, neck, arms and legs that are most exposed to the sun.
6. Allow it to fully dry for about 15 minutes.
7. Apply some water over it and massage the pack off gently in circular motion.
8. Take a shower. Do not use a soap or scrub.

Do this thrice a week for at least two weeks and you will notice the difference in your complexion. This natural skin lightening cream actually works wonders. You will be surprised with the results. All the tan from your body will easily vanish.
Why Gram Flour: Gram flour is a primary ingredient used in beauty products for its skin lightening properties. It fights signs of ageing and boosts skin elasticity.
Why Wheat Flour: Wheat flour is a great nourishing agent that protects the skin against sun damage, fights acne, improves the texture and makes it supple. Also helps remove dead skin cells.
Why Rice Flour: Rice powder is a natural skin lightener that evens the skin tone and removes dead skin cells owing to its exfoliating quality.
Why Red Lentil Powder: This is the most useful ingredient in fighting acne, pimples and reducing dark spots, blemishes and acne stains. It evens out the skin tone.
Why Sandalwood Powder: Sandalwood powder fights daily skin issues such as pimples, zits and acne and makes your skin clear and bright. It makes the dark spots and pigmentation marks on your skin vanish.
Why Liquorice Powder: Liqourice powder is a skin lightening agent that makes it natural and a versatile beauty ingredient.
Why Rose Water: Rose water is a natural cleanser and tones the skin.
Why Milk: Milk moisturises your skin naturally, nourishes it, removes dryness and makes your skin bright and clear.

Try this skin lightening cream for one week, and your skin will become fair and bright naturally.

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