we will study together with the code line forum used goldfish can not be fixed. By line is used to determine the thickness. Less thick, thin multi-purpose. The line used herein is a legend of jade line 20. The actual size of goldfish length of 11 cm in width and 10 cm

Take nephritis rings of wire type, hanging on the strip line 

After all lines after the hanging, drawing two tougher. Tightened as much as possible and to be uniform.

The ring line were divided into four  

One of the order will be made, as shown in Figure

Figure composed of four good friends head 

Turn, continue in reverse, continue to tilt towards Results  

Finally, the line has been made, the fish side is also ready. 

Similarly, on the other hand the fish feel good. 

Because of the oblique lines in the rear of the scale of the transition volume, so that in turn, the two fish together.The upper and lower sides of the line to do with two fins  

The results tend to make four lines

The converse is also up and down the line in common with the two fins

The rest of the flow will be cut off the fins sintering 

Cut off the end of the thread, all this will be stuffed into the stomach to reduce the flow of the yard (do tail) 

All the lines were divided into four

The right to a good figure is made 

Continue to be shown in a separate right to a good series! [Note: string down] 

Restructuring of the left in Figure

Finally, the line went also well prepared

On direct, prepared above fish. Compiled following downlink tail. 

Cut all streams adhesive eye.

Sintering of all the threads. Compiled small goldfish in.

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