want to show you how you can make a brooch butterfly foamirana of their own hands.
That is all we need:
- leaf white foamirana,
- children's weight for sculpting white
- pastels: green, pink and turquoise,
- black stamen,
-Small piece of cardboard,
- paper, template,
- PVA glue,
- cotton pad,
- Singleton 2 (thin wire wrapped crepe paper)
- toothpick
- Acrylic contour of black cloth,
- hair spray,
- iron,
- stationery knife,
- Melt Adhesive,
- foundation barrette brooch.

Step 1: Taurus butterfly.
We need children's weight for sculpting and white stationery knife.

Roll off 2 balls. Dimensions in the photo.

From the large bead making an elongated drop.

Office knife pushes stripes. Taurus is ready!

Doing mustache.

Stamen cut in half.

The ball make 2 holes with a toothpick.

Stamens dipped in PVA glue.

And inserted into the holes, little head is ready!

Step 2: Wings of foamirana.
We print out the templates, draw out and cut.

Prepare a square of cardboard, 5x5 cm.

We rounded one corner.

You can now toning foamirana.
Shred bright green pastel.

Toning all the lower wings on both sides.

Grind turquoise pastel.

Toning only out of the corner by the green wings.

Shred pink pastel.

We take our cardboard box, with it toned, only the edge of the wings.

Out of the corner ready!

Pastel green, toning the wings, leaving a small striped light Thomas without tinting.

Heat the wing.

The accordion and twist.

So do all the Circuits.


On the edge of the iron is heated only little corners of the wings and making tucks.

Now we toning our "worm."

Pastel green belly, pink, back.

Take two Singleton (wire wrapped crepe paper) and cut into 8 pieces.

Glue to the wings.

Cut the excess length of the wire.

Step 3: Putting our butterfly on a universal basis for the workpiece brooches.

Glue first green wings.

Then, in between color.

"Worm" left stick.

Loop of fabric will do the butterfly eyes and cute dots on the back.

Something like that!

The final touch, sprinkle with hairspray to fix the pastel,  the more glitter

Here is a butterfly - we got a brooch!

source - samayamk.ru