Baskets with a new look

Golden spray, do not know whether the top varnish do you want?

And this is already settled clips, rubber bands, combs .

We need 9 pieces of wire. The length of wire, depending on the desired size of the basket. We .60-70-80 cm...

On each wire dress prepared tubes at the joints glue ...

And then each wire "closable" like this. use tape

The resulting combined circles twist the wire ...

Twisting in two places, depending on the desired size of the handle.

We form the desired shape of the basket, a little deeper, smaller, wider, narrower ... and begin to braid the knob from one end to the other

Here it is, the tail,  one hand braided bit now building up our tail, and on the other hand pletom

Something like that

And now it's time to finish! In this case, a flattened tube, the other with an awl, and align one to another on the PVA glue planting. Good luck!

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