wonderful framed with homemade daisies

This wonderful framed with homemade daisies  
Do you want to learn how to make these flowers?

Make a frame is a snap, a little imagination and the ability to make flowers. Fantasy we all have, and how to make a daisy, I'll teach you. 
For its manufacture no tricky tools is not necessary, I think it's all there at your fingertips: 
- curly wave scissors 
- ordinary scissors 
- damp cloth 
- toothpick 
- stick embossing or hook knitting №5 or 6 
- Pad PC. mouse (you can on the eraser) 

1, Take weavy scissors and cut out of watercolor paper circle, you can on the eye, and to whom it is difficult, and you can draw again. 
2, ordinary scissors make cuts up to 0.5 cm short of the center of each recess. 
3 In wet cloth invest our blank for a few minutes, so she moistened. 

4, take out the workpiece, put on the mat and begin to stick to do stamping, pressing lightly on the edge to the center go through all of our pitch. Overturn and in a circular motion on the center make a recess for midway. 

5 Cut the yellow strip of width 5mm long 10-14sm . make cuts across the length of the strip, before reaching the edge of 1.5-2 mm. 
6 Take a toothpick and one hand, blade makes an incision, not greater than about 2 mm. This incision (lye), insert the end of our prepared strips and begin to gently twist. When we spun tip glue. 
7, fluff our center and glue to the center of the daisy. 

Yellow center, you can make everything what your imagination will suffice. For example just steins velvet or pour glue micro beads. Generally Be creative and you will be sure to succeed! 

A little patience, and you get a great product with beautiful daisies.