Kanzashi can be manufactured from a wide range of different materials, one of which is a silk fabric and a satin tape. The material is cut into squares or rectangles, from which petals are formed which are crosslinked with each other and form a flower. Usually, the flowers do look like a living, trying to give them the beauty and bright colors.

To produce a flower, we need:
- White satin ribbon width of 5 cm,
- scissors,
- a candle or lighter
- thread in tone satin ribbon with a needle,
- 2 pins
- glue.

Description of progress

1 . tape length of 12 cm, the edges of the fire scorches candles. 
2 . Fold the corner of the tape to the wrong side. 
3 . The lower corner of the front side we put in half twice, anchoring pin.

4 . Similarly, we do the other side. 
5 . Fold in half face inward. 
6 . Sew the bottom and tightens the thread.

7 . Sew in the range of 8, 6 and 3 leaves. 
8 . Get 3 tiers that we stick together. 
9 . Glue midway.

And our snow-white flower kanzashi quite ready!