Dear lovers weave from newspaper tubes, fans use of unnecessary junk material) with great pleasure that  I wish you a nice view, new ideas and creative success!

For we need any shoe heels, we like for its elegant form, and - cardboard tubes from newspapers or magazines, wooden stick for a heel, glue, paint, varnish, wood and high spirits for creativity)
Next, we look at all the pictures

we have to mark the place of bending like a real boot

We put in the tube and bend the wire to the top

you see how nicely we bend :))

We begin to weave all up, remembering to bend like the picture !!!

Now we weave even a little back of the shoe
During the interlacing bend the shoe to give it shape !! as is necessary to connect with a vertical two or three tubes as pictured

prepared a small tube and a piece of wood 8 cm

source - aniainspiruje