Beautiful Poinsettia , it also called Christmas star , actively bought all lovers of indoor plants for the celebration of Christmas and New Year. This is due to its active flowering in December and March months, in contrast to all other indoor plants. During the shortest days of strong frosts, during the part of the depression and bad moods, his bright colorful flowering poinsettia can mitigate the negative cold season. But not everyone has the opportunity to buy and care for the living flower, moreover, quite moody. In this regard, I want to offer you to make a Christmas star out of corrugated paper. Get excellent interior decoration, made with their own hands)

For work, we need the corrugated paper , paper glue, scissors and thin wire. To create a paper poinsettia will need 4 colors: red, dark green, light green and yellow. You can make a flower and white, also looks good, even gentler red

Follow the photos on which everything is clear 

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