Sewing of T-shirts with long sleeves festive blouse.

1. Lay t-shirt flat on a table and cut the sleeves around armholes. Then cut a straight line in the center of the front line of the neck down 6 ". 

2. Take 2 sleeves that can be cut and cut along the under arm seams. 

3. Take one arm and cut in a circular motion around 1 1/2" to 2 "wide ribbon as in the picture. Make sure to cut continuously. you can draw the cutting line, the 1st, and then cut. It is up to your skill level cutting. 

4. Take another arm and straigth cut as shown in Figure 1, about 1/2 "to 2 "wide strips. As you can see in the image # 4 above, long circular bands was cut in # 3 will be sewn in the center of the front of the neck and body. 

5.Shit very loose lines about 1/8" 1/4 "only along one side of the entire strip. This is done, you can collect them in the fold, as in the photo number 6 above. 

6.  all the bands in the fold, carefully pulling a string line at one end and tie the thread on one end, to gum is not unravel. 

7. Start the consolidation of all frills, starting with the longest down to the center of the body about the waist. Take shorter strips and sew directly under each end to collect from the center to the side of the body. 

8. Finally sew all folds down. You may want to, sew (by hand sew free) frills, then sew machine. 

9. After all the stitching folds down, you have finished your beautiful shirt! 


1. Buy about 1 yard of velvet ribbon from the fabric store. 1 ", 1 1/4" width-it was good. Place the tape around the waist, on the size of your waist. 

2. Add 3 1/2 "to the full circumference of your waist. For example, if your waist measured 28", the total length of the tape will be cut 31 1/2 ". 

Fold the ends, as in the photo number 2 above, with 1/4" allowance. Sew the fold down close to the edge, about 1/8 "on the ends. Sew like the picture button to sew, pass through a needle under the folds. 

Finally, show your friends how good you look !