quilling decoration of Orchids flowers

I really like the orchids, but unfortunately, not all kinds of orchids can grow in our climate. I decided to make myself another gift, "grow" a paper orchid.
A small note: Orchids can grow in the ground (on the ground), and on the trees, and sometimes on the rocks. Scope of orchids quite extensive, but most of them found it in hot, humid climates, ie, in the tropics. Wild tropical orchids mainly grow on trees (on the lower branches and junctions of the branches with the trunk of the tree).

So, here we go: I made two kinds of colors, but the option on the left, I liked more. 

For the midway, I used wide strips of 1 cm. First, the strip should be cut into small pieces, roll into a tight twist 

Orchid flower has 3 petals - 2 small and 1 large. For the petals, I used wide strips 0,3sm. Each lobe consists of three parts. For more petals you need to glue two strips together.

Antennae" Orchid also made of strips of 3 mm wide.

And here is the finished flowers. All parts of the flower, I gathered with the help of a hot gun.

Now we need a tree trunk. Unfortunately, the artist out of me useless ... but I tried. The trunk is painted on watercolor paper, then painted the dry pastels and cut.

With a smooth thick long sticks I gave the trunk volume.

Background just painted the dry pastel.

Now, on the opposite side of the trunk squeezing silicone ...

 And glue to the base (background).

While our silicone tree dries, let us leaves for orchids. For the leaves I use paper for crystal colors. Some sheets of paper have wire veins, in other vein drawn (pressed through) with a special tool.

Our tree I decorated with vines. Leaflets freeform glued on thin stripes.

Now it was my favorite moment (it is a pity that it ends quickly) - the location of the orchid flowers and leaves along the stem.

That tree with orchids in full growth.

For beauty, I added a few twigs spiral.

That's all! You can relax and enjoy!