Place This In The Corners Of Your House And There Won’t Be Any Rats And Spiders Ever Again

Are you tired of the pesky pests infesting your home? Every time you spot a mouse skitter across from the dining room to the kitchen your heart races faster. How many more are there, you begin to wonder, and is your home safe and hygienic? It is very difficult to get rid of rodents and spiders from your home altogether. Rats find their way through sewage lines, garbage bins into the house and feed on uncovered food, spreading diseases.
If you have noticed even a single rat in your home you need to sanitise your place instantly, because you can never be sure how many more there are. Similarly with spiders that prop up at odd corners, creating a web over your vegetable basket, beside the refrigerator, on your book shelf, everywhere you look. You do want a home free of these pests, but don’t want to invest money and time in doing so.

Here is an amazing, homegrown hack to keep your home free of spiders and rats. This works almost instantly, and it is extremely cost-effective as you do not need to waste money on pesticides and other chemical repellents. This is natural and child-friendly too. A lot of people have started using this hack to rid their home of rats and insects.

The tried and tested tea bag method

Take a peppermint tea bag and make your usual cup of tea with it. Once you have soaked the bag into the tea, pull it out and place it in the corners you expect the rodents to inhabit. Any uncovered hole or opening in the house you suspect the mice would be entering through, place the used tea bag there. You would, not to mention, need more than one tea bag for this process.
The smell of peppermint from the tea bag repulses the pests, and in just a couple of days your home will be free of them. Unlike with the use of pesticides, you won’t have to clean up any carcass as an aftermath. No bad odour, and pests and insects will stay away from your premise.

You just need one ingredient, and spiders and rats won’t enter your home again.

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