That is all that is required for operation: From wire do such a framework. The wire tightly desirable that the frame has been more stable. Stepping back a bit from the tip of the wire winding start frame.  From cardboard cut out a tail, I used a box from under sweets. In the same wire we are doing just such a loop. Rear View Glue the loop-to-tail with the help of a piece of cardboard with the tips of the wire to fasten the tail of a peacock frame so happened behind  peacock thread to the desired thickness of the ... Who else wants to ... I came here is such gibberish. Rear view Next start paste peacock feathers head Attach tuft of wire and paste feathers on ... back to the tail paste cloth tail behind paste feathers rear tip of the tailthen sticking a large tail on the front. Thus peacock blooms ... Glue beads on the crest, and beady eyes ... Voila, peacock ready !!!