Mosaic decorate flower pots.

I continue to inspire you) This time I want to seduce you to do mosaics. Now on the street warm and it's time to do crafts to decorate the interior of the house, balcony or garden. Almost everyone in the house there are flowers in clay pots that are not very nice look. Can decorate them with mosaics? It's easy, work is very interesting and exciting. What do you need? Tile, which can always be found. If you have not left the tiles after repair, walk to the neighbors, you would not be denied), the more you need something just this tile - one small thing. For mosaics can still use the battered dishes, such as a beautiful border plate. And in extreme cases, the very generous))), you can buy ready-made mosaic. 
Oh, and, I almost forgot) Do not want to be spoiled with a mosaic, you can decorate the pots with a cloth. See below for how)

Getting Started. Take the clay pot and draw on it with a pencil line drawing of the future

Using wire cutters shred tiles or plates into small pieces and glue them to the pot

You can add a pebble or crystals, anything you want is at your fingertips. Gluing is possible to glue 

So should you get. And now you need to grout tile. 

And this is how the pots look like, if they pasted cloth

You can take a piece of fabric or use old clothes. Fabrics need cotton

Gluing in the PVA glue.

source - liveinternet