make your own woven rug.

So, if you still want used old clothes and get a homemade patchwork rug, offer another option - woven carpet with the use of cardboard. A very cute little thing for the kitchen can turn out, see for yourself)

 small digression for those who are concerned about not only the beauty of the house, but the most important thing - the beauty and well-groomed appearance),
For work, we need the fabric or, as I have remarked above, the old unnecessary clothes. I used old sheets. You can use the fabric tightly and if you want to make a rug for the hallway. In any case, get a nice and necessary complement your home interior items) 
And we need - cardboard (the size of 58 by 101 cm), a ruler, a black marker or felt-tip pen, scissors and masking tape or adhesive tape

Note the marker on the place of rupture of fabric - 5 cm

Tear the fabric into strips

Marker put on board layout

Cut the cardboard on the markup, insert strips of cloth, as shown in the photo

And now proceed to the "weaving"

The process connection strips of fabric:

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