How To Prevent Premature Greying With Lemon And Coconut Oil Mix

You are troubled with your greying prematurely? Every time you part your hair you see not just sprigs but strands of grey hair, and feel extremely disappointed. While you don’t wish to slather your scalp with chemical dyes and hair colours, you are always at a loss over how to retain the natural colour of hair and prevent premature greying.

What is premature greying & how to prevent premature greying

In truth, the pigment cells at the root of our hair follicles are what give our hair its colour, and lack of it makes the reverse happen, which is white or grey hair. Our body stops producing these pigment cells as a result of which our hair goes from black to white. Now if you nourish your scalp in a way that you offer food to the hair follicles, those lost pigments can form back again, and your hair can be a shiny black. Quite like magic.

Reasons for premature greying

There are several reasons for the formation of grey hair in the first place such as use of excessive chemicals in the hair like shampoos, conditioners, hair spa treatments, hair colours, hair straightening treatments, use of blow dryers, hair curlers and straightening iron. While these are external reasons, internal reasons like lack of proper nutrition, stress, hormonal imbalance, genetic disorder, and unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle also contribute to your hair losing that precious pigment. You can eliminate premature greying by using some natural remedies.

The only way to counter this is by using natural, readily available ingredients from your kitchen to create a recipe that will restore the colour of your hair and make it shiny and strong.


3 tbsp Lemon juice
500 ml Coconut oil

Method of Preparation:

Squeeze the juice of a fresh lemon and mix it with organic coconut oil and then massage your scalp with it, going from root to tip. Ensure all the strands are covered properly. Allow it to seep into the roots for about one hour. Rinse off with a mild shampoo and condition your hair.

Repeat this ritual twice a week for at least 3 weeks and you will see the difference. The grey streaks will slowly make way for the black ones, and your hair will become glossy and smooth. Prevent premature greying with this easy homemade recipe.
Why Coconut Oil
Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties and is a member of the medium-chain fatty and lauric acid, which makes it an important agent to nourish the scalp and foster hair growth while strengthening the follicles. In its purest form, coconut oil also makes up for the protein loss in the hair, which usually leads to hair damage, and restores the pigment cells that give hair its dark, deep colour. It also enriches the hair with antioxidants.
Why Lemon Juice
Rich in Vitamin B, C and phosphorous, lemon juice is a natural cleanser that helps remove impurities from the scalp, nourishes the hair, and reverses premature greying.

Just two ingredients, and your grey hair will turn black naturally. No chemical dyes or hair colours!

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