How to make sunflower wall art from salt dough

Decoration of interior space, design group, can also serve as a gift.
• Learn to create beautiful from salt dough crafts;
• To develop a sense of aesthetic, compositional skills;
• To develop fine motor skills of hands;
• Educate diligence, accuracy and independence;
• To develop creativity, imagination, fantasy and abstract thinking;
• Foster the love and respect for nature.

the symbol of the sun, joy and optimism.
Legends of the sunflower.
The name Helianthus plant matter with the Greek language.
“The Helios” means “sun” and “anthos” translated as flower.
Greek mythology tells of the appearance of this flower:
Once a water nymph named Clete was thrown out of the cool depths of the sandy beach on the island. Fascinated by the bright light, she was resting on the shore and watched in surprise her hitherto invisible golden sun ball that moved across the sky. This sight so lured her what she wished always enjoy the sunshine.
Pleas Clete heard. Her mermaid tail left in the sand by chaining her to place her silver hair in the petals curled around her face, and her fingers have grown from green leaves. The nymph turned into a sunflower – sun flower, whose color reflects solar disk gold and every day should be for his movement.
It is believed that sunflower was grass frankness. Many in ancient times believed that if you put a sunflower under the pillow at night, it will cause prophetic dreams. Flower helps a person to show their best qualities, to protect itself from its enemies, many believed in the power of good sunflower and kept this tradition for several centuries.
According to one of the gods of ancient legends gave people a sunflower for
that they never left the sun. For sunflower flowers
always facing the sun, in any weather, even in the foggy
and rainy day. It is no coincidence sunflower became a symbol of joy and optimism, as well as loyalty, …
If you want to donate to any of his friends a bouquet of sunflowers, this means that you select that person as special and unique identity and proud of your acquaintance with him. Sunflowers decided to give people an extraordinary, vivid and impressionable. Bouquet of sunflowers are also suitable for the expression of sincere gratitude.

Necessary materials:
2.Salt duff
3. ribbons of different colors and thickness;
5. seeds

Step by step process for performing the work.
Salt dough recipe:
2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 250 gr. water. Mix the flour and salt, add water and a little white glue (for product strength).
I kneaded the dough for 15-20 minutes, then put in the fridge to “rest” somewhere on the hour. Everything is now possible to get to work.

We take our wheels and immediately put through the opening ribbon.

Begin to make the petals of a sunflower. Roll out the sausage, flatten, forming a petal do stack streaks.

Using water, is pasted on the disc.

Now we proceed to the second layer of petals.

Making the core of a sunflower.
The colorless dough you need to add a little black or gray gouache and knead the dough. This is in order to then not have to paint over.

We do more “cake” and glue in the middle.

Now insert seeds.

One sunflower ready.
I need three of these flowers.

When the dough is dry, proceed to the coloring.

Dress them to the rail, decorate with ribbons and suspension ready.

You can hang separately.

courtesy: ped-kopilka