how to make origami basket

The most necessary thing in the spring (and summer) - a basket. After all, it's time to start primroses, and to give or receive a gift of a whole basket of flowers - it is great at any age!

1. We need a square of any size, can be 15x15 cm possible. If you use the wallpaper, the side of the square can be 50-60 cm, and the basket is suitable for tulips. Another strip of paper we need the same length as the side of the square can be slightly larger width of 2-4 cm, depending on the size of the basket. 

2. The square bend diagonally, expand, and then lay down on the middle lines of the parties to deploy.

3. Fold the bottom corner to the intersection of the fold lines, repeat with the remaining three corners. When all four corners are bent to the middle, it is necessary to straighten the angle of each half so that the top touches the side of the square lines.

4. Overturn sheet. Bends each corner to the middle, to the intersection of the line bends. Then straighten the corners halfway to the top of touching the sideline. 

5. Overturn sheet. We have four dog-eared. They must lay down their small accordion, the same on all four corners.

6. Each corner at the top with an accordion impacts two fingers (the third finger can maintain the inside) inside the hollow area must completely flattened. Accordion should be folded in half along the fold line. Alternately squeeze each corner until you get the shape of a square inside the basket. 

7. small triangles turn down parallel to the bottom of the speakers at the bottom. The lower part of the basket is ready.

8. To take the handle strip of paper, folded in half, if the basket is small, and if more - bend in four. On each side of the basket has slots where you can insert the handle. It will hold true, but for better strength glue edge. 

9. You can decorate the finished product apply paint.

10. We fill a basket with flowers and souvenirs - and donate :) Can be used as a box for a bottle of perfume or for storing small parts, beads, jewelry.