how to make Foamiran Flower

1. Foamiran blue 
2. Punch 5 or 6 petals (diameter 1.5 cm) 
3. Acrylic paint 
4. Iron or curling iron. 
5. Stacks for sculpting 
6. Beading Wire 0.2mm 
7. Teip Feed light green

From foamirana blue punch cut out flowers. Ideally, the punch needed to 5 petals, but suitable and 6.

Skewer flowers on the needle.

Toning edge acrylic paint a lighter color (white today I took the silver, but it would be better with a light blue). Complete drying not wait until the flowers may stick together.

Next comes the heat treatment: 
prick the needle flower, trays to the heat source. Once the flowers nestle on the edge curling, and middle, would be convex – move to the middle of a sponge and dent stack for modeling. Stack the left – get more open flower. Processed stack to the right, I like more.

Take the white acrylic paint, paint inside the brush №0 color five-pointed “star”. For colors with 6 petals (pictured left), “star” is also painted five-pointed.

Take beading wire, is placed on the wire bead

Flowers sit down to the wire, wrapped with a flower stalk (about 1 cm)-tape.