How to make fabric flowers for decorating gifts

To make beautiful and original gift pack, enough to have a suitable fabric, candle, scissors and ordinary wrapping paper. Flowers from a fabric made very easily, silk can use these options, satin or chiffon. Enjoying the most simple and affordable master class? Production technique of all these colors are almost identical, the petals have to sear over a candle.

how to beautifully decorate a simple package of fabric flowers. So it is possible to pack and present a gift any box, bundle, or book. Speaking of books …

Cut the fabric here are circles

We hold over a candle flame to singe the edges

Next cut

The circle can be cut into 4 or 8 pieces. The more cuts, the more luxuriant will flower

Collect flower

From the thread do stamen

Now we make poppy silk or chiffon

Cut out fabric circles

Opal them over a candle

In the middle of a poppy sew a piece of tulle and add a stamen