how to decor glass vase "golden rain"

That’s how I came across a small tree with unusually beautiful seeds – only later I learned that it was a young ash

All his crown was littered with bunches of earrings. The decision came at once – at that moment I knew how and where I can use it. Of course, I gathered seeds brush, trying not to damage them, and now you can watch what have I done to them …
So, everything that I had – a handful of seeds of ash and glass vase.

All that I was going to do – is to draw a vase with golden tassels.
Since my vase was a small relief, it was necessary to agree with the direction of his grapes seed location. With this in mind, I picked sprigs.

I stuck on the vase seeds I with a transparent structure of the gel. It is applied a To edge seeds not sagged and subsequently broken off, I planted them under a layer of a transparent gel, pre-shifting it into a thin tube with a spout.fairly thick layer on the reverse side brushes and applying at the selected location.

In some places, I have added some wings seeds.

To edge seeds not sagged and subsequently broken off, I planted them under a layer of a transparent gel, pre-shifting it into a thin tube with a spout.

Similarly, I trimmed all 4 sides of the vase, making sure that the two adjacent sides of the vase combined with each other well.

Of course, I needed time to everything very well dry.
And then I started to “gilding”.
I did this with the sweat and the adhesive-milk for her.
Milk applied thinly enough, and you must leave it to air dry for about 15 minutes. During this time, milk will no longer be white and clear.

Thereafter, superfine sheet Potali attacks the surface coated with adhesive. It is very important to do it carefully, and try not to move the gold leaf if he accidentally fell not quite as you expected!

Leave it in place. And if the adhesive portion remains covered, on these sites you can add other lists of sweat.
Do not drive on Potali brush, do not press her hands …  lightly with a soft brush.

After the glue dries under the Potala stronger the same brush you can forcefully smooth potal and leave it for the final adhesion. In no case do not shake off excess Potali immediately. Leave the job pasted her at least an hour.

And milk under the Potala dry well and can not wait to whisk hanging gold flakes to see what had happened. This should be the fairly stiff brush. But not too zealous as the stiff brush can damage the delicate layer of sweat.

After I have removed all the excess sweat were exposed sides of the wings of seeds and their supporting gel. To them, I again struck first milk and then potal. As I finished and the glass edge.

To potal not darkened with time, I very carefully handled all surfaces finished with it, shellac varnish.

And now I would like to show you what I got in the end.

In parallel with the vase almost the same technology,
The only difference was that I was putting brush seeds in a thicker layer and that they are well stuck together, I spilled them with glue and then painted with gold paint (before pasted Potala).

Cover ready, and design of its body is yet to come …

courtesy: liveinternet