handmade gift idea

this gift is very original and unusual, designed in art deco style. I have long had an idea to make a picture, which can be decorated with different colors. In this post I'll show you the basic process of making pictures.

1. Frame sizes 45x45 cm
2. acrylic paint black and white.
3. roller
4. Girl Pattern
5. brushes
6. The colors of the fabrics
7. beads
1. First of all, you need to prepare the ground for painting. For this cardboard gray white acrylic paint.

Now draw on a paper image of a romantic girl. girl silhouette cut out and, when the paint is dry, using adhesive tape securing it on the prepared base.

 With a simple pencil Fast forward silhouette on cardboard.

Now paint the silhouette of black paint. First, you need a thin brush circle contour of the figure, and then paint the whole figure.

Silhouette of the girl ready. When the paint is dry, you can proceed to the "dressing". To this end, I have made different on flowers, with the help of which modeled the dress and adorned her hair.

Dress color

Flowers from fabric